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Who is Mr. z!

January 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Every new blogger is a mystery until there is a written word about him and his existence. I asked more experienced writer, mawajowe, to type few words about me. Mainly it is because I respect her opinion on many things. So here is what she sad:

Smart, creative, hardworking, funny, serious, cheerful, open-minded. Those are the attributes with which I would describe his personality. His words are full of energy and wisdom that comes from years of experience on his field. A man of many skills. But, to really know him, you must sit beside him and see how his imagination comes to life.

Designs, drawings, videos, beats. Whatever you imagine, he’ll create it.

I had the privilege of sitting right next to him while he was working. However, while he was working, I didn’t see a man doing his job. I saw a child playing in sand, joy radiating from him. His projects are like children to him.



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