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I got new hardware

July 30, 2011 2 comments

Few weeks ago I took part in some kind of game on Facebook. All I needed to do was to like a HTC Serbia page and to run their application.  Prize was to win a drawing of myself in HTC style and to win brand new HTC Flyer device. And… I was lucky! I won both of them! In next few posts I’ll review HTC Flyer and apps that I’m using to bust my creativity and usability of the device itself.

HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer

I want to thank HTC Serbia for giving me opportunity to enter the world of tablets and android.

Myself in HTC style

HTC drawing of me


Bouncing ball – making of

May 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Few weeks ago I created new video. It was a project in multimedia production. In just three days I created the whole piece. Theme of the project was move. I decided to try my skills in animation, so I decided to use genius g-pen and Flash to do that. Read more…

Move yourself

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

A few days ago I found out about one interesting contest. The topic was simple -“move yourself”. Okay, I already had a few ideas for that, but there were two problems: first was duration limitation, it had to be less than minute long. Second was, that it had to be non language dependent. So, no narration, no words, just acting. Few friends were already at my place and after detailed planning we took the camera and started shooting. After half an hour, we had all the material we needed so I could start to edit. I used a few tricks that I learned on my course of designing of sound, and here is the final result.

Wish me luck in the contest.

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