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Bouncing ball – making of

Few weeks ago I created new video. It was a project in multimedia production. In just three days I created the whole piece. Theme of the project was move. I decided to try my skills in animation, so I decided to use genius g-pen and Flash to do that.

genius g-pen 450

This is the tablet that I use

First things first.. Music! I need something that I can easily animate. I decided to word on twos, so 12 fps animation. The easiest way is to do 60 bpm music, so there is one bit per second. I doubled it so it is a little bit faster. I used very basic beat so I can do loops of animation easily. Kick, snare, kick, snare, little mess up hi hats, add some samples, and synth on the end. Sound for this particular short is completely done in ACID.

Now the animation part. I just imported sound from ACID to Flash and started to draw. I did just a little bit of math before I started.

Tempo is 120 bpm, I have 12 fps, kick is on every beat so it goes twice in every second, so on every 6 frames. Every 6 frames I have kick.

So one loop of bouncing ball is 6 frames long. Is it to fast? No! Average human walk is two steps per second, and that is exactly speed I had here. Bouncing ball is the very first animation one should do on beginning of his career. I done a lot of drawings on paper but here is the first animation of it. My first. Ever.

Drawing of a bouncing ball

Drawing of a bouncing ball

I had main actor, bouncing ball. There must be some other things going on or it will be too boring to watch. The second most important sound, if not the most, is snare sound. Ball is nice, but it’s nothing special and nothing funny in it. I needed some fun in video. As a touch of sarcasm, I added the bird that will poop on every snare sound.

Animating the bird flying for me was a huge task. First I drawn two keyframes. One when the wings are up, and other when wings are down. Snare is on every second beat so I have 12 frames loop. The first frame wings up, the sixth wings down or so. I needed to draw inbetweens, and that was the hardest part in whole short for me.

For synth sound, I added some waves in background, for sample some singing owl, for hihats some rain, and some repeatable stone and grass to get the ball moving.

Even the still graphic in short, background for example, is drawn in 3 frames and then were put in the loop. In that way, all letters, backgrounds and everything have that jaggy look as a signature.

After a lot of copy-pasting frames and draw new ones I finished my short.

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them, so feel free to post a comment.

Oh! I almost forgot! If you like this post, please go here and read an interesting interview, done by Mawajowe. It’s about an idea behind bouncing ball.

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